Dear lady and gentleman:

                                        Welcome to browse the web page of HuaYe paper making machinery Co., Ltd. !
                                        Since establishing the HuaYe paper making machinery Co., Ltd. We cooperate closely with research institute and paper mill all the year round, is developing and perfecting the new equipment of waste pulping constantly, have produced the spreading white paperboard of 10000-60000 paper tons of per year, ox cardboard paper,high strength corrugated base paper, produced 10000-45000 tons newsprint, cultural paper and have the capacity of offer the complete machine of paper pulping, make contributions to the papermaking equipment’s nationalization.
                                        We grow, because we have condensed a strong group that united, work as one man, every step of us strive to be sane, and we known it’s a long way ahead.“quality is a root, based on sincerity” the enterprising spirit of the eight character is leading us to advance.
                                    We develop, because we gather the loyal customers who increased day by day.Today when the technological difference is smaller and smaller, the enterprise’s value means the total of customer’s relation value, the loyal customers is the rarest wealth of us ,we can’t tolerate the impoliteness and nearsightedness to the customer service strategic .understand customer, give audience to customer, contact and serve customer, it is the source of our undertaking, the foundation of our business.
                                        We strength, because we grew up in a time that economy develop at a high speed in china, gaining society, rewarding society, make opportunity, developing together is the responsibility and mission of enterprise, it makes us keep enthusiasm and willpower, clear to must keep and become leading person of trade to try.
                                        Look forward to the future, become the modern exceptionally good larger company, offer every member the stage of the employment and the presentable living support, all these are our distant view, in order to achieve the goal, we shall redouble efforts.
                                        The chairman, president of the Huaye paper manufacturing machinery

                                    Corporate culture

                                    Enterprise’s survive idea: the career rest with versed, extend industry rest with hardworking, cooperation rest with sincerity, product rest with profession!
                                    Enterprise’s self-discipline: the customer’s development is our success! The staff’s happiness is the base of the enterprise!
                                    The hard core develops strength: depend on science and technology, diligent in researching and developing!
                                    Enterprise’s manpower view: enterprise’s glamour attracts talents, offer enough develop space, train talents in business administration, let everybody become the talents of enterprise!
                                    Market idea: face the test of the market, and does not stay in yesterday’s splendid achievements, use the young enterprise’s vigor in the face of the very competitive market!
                                    Product quality idea: dear customers, the products of Huaye pass the strict production management, welcome to benefit us with some advice and valuable suggestions, thank you for helping us to improve product quality!
                                    Service theory: no matter what we do better is not as good as the customer’s satisfaction, we have been diligent all the time, for being better!